Amaranthus caudatus (commonly called in Peru kiwicha, quihuicha for its etymology in Quechua: kiwicha) is a plant of the family of the amarantaceas of rapid growth, with leaves, stems and purple, red and gold flowers. “The name Amaranthus comes from the Greek which means everlasting, referring to the bracts of the inflorescence that do not wither”. The plant adapts easily to many different environments, has an efficient type of photosynthesis (C4), grows quickly and does not require much maintenance. It develops at an altitude between 1,400 and 2,400 meters above sea level.

Kiwicha Plant

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Peruvian Kiwicha

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It is a fast-growing plant with purple, red and golden leaves, stems and flowers that grows in Peru and in the Andean regions of Cajamarca, Ancash, Ayacucho, Apurímac, Huancavelica, Arequipa and Cusco. Around 1,200 varieties still remain in The Andes. Its showy flowers sprout from the main stem, in some cases the inflorescences reach 90 cm., Creating colorful fields.

Protein content between 13 and 18%, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, zinc, vitamin E.

Kiwicha Seeds

Have an exceptional nutritional interest due to studies that show their great protein richness. It contains more balanced composition than conventional cereals and a greater quantity of quality proteins.

Kiwicha Seeds

Kiwicha Seeds

Propiedades de la Kiwicha

  • Contains minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, zinc.
  • Contains vitamin E and vitamin B complex.
  • It contains fiber that compared with wheat and other cereals is very fine, smooth and helps improve intestinal transit.
Kiwicha Seeds

Kiwicha Seeds